We offer our patients a thorough diagnostic review which will include our proposals for individual therapeutic treatment:

  • Post-operative rehabilitation (e.g. following orthopedic or accident surgery, e.g. ligament rupture of knee, resection of meniscus)
    • Knee, Hip, or shoulder prosthesis
    • Intervertebral disc surgery
    • Shoulder dislocation; rotator refixation
  • Conservative therapy for all causes of back pain, e.g.
    • obesity
    • muscular imbalance
    • hyperkinesia
    • poor posture
  • Leg axis training; stabilization of shoulder
  • Therapeutic treatment of: Headache, Tinnitus, Vertigo / Dizziness, Temporal-mandibular joint disorders
  • Training to regain sports fitness
  • Ergonomic Advice
  • Therapeutic treatment of rheumatic disease

Osteopathy offers an holistic approach to medical examinations and treatment with the aim of optimum support of your self-healing powers at every level – structural, visceral, craniosacral.

Your doctor’s prescription, approved in advance by your health insurance provider (this can be done by fax or e-mail).